Beautiful, simple websites for free.

To fully enjoy the benefits of being a Moov member, you must read and agree to our policies and rules. If you have any questions, write


Information we ask for

Any information you provide during your time as a potential or paying monthly member will only be used to provide you with a great experience. We never sell or share your information with anyone.

We may ask for the following information:

First and last name
Company name
Email address
Phone number
Mailing Address
Credit card information


Free website design and its content

Our free website design is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and start-ups as it features a beautiful, simple design. There are no design fees or upfront deposits. The free website design can support up to 10 pages and is limited to certain features.

A few things our free website design currently supports:

Customizable text and headers
Blog posting and commenting system
Photo galleries
Video backgrounds
Image placed backgrounds
Contact submission forms
Video embedding
Audio collections
Newsletter sign up box
Location map
Online calendar
Clickable buttons
Visual charts
Social media linked accounts (limited to platform selection)
Downloadable content button (documents, pdfs, etc)
Mobile information bar
Announcement bar and page
Page password protection (excludes username accounts)
Custom favicon
Mobile optimization
Third party integrations (limited to platform selection)

A few things our free website design does not currently supports:

PayPal integration
Recurring payments
Member logins
Online stores
Adobe flash
Website animations
Third party website design transfers
Wordpress themes
Custom coding or integration with any third-party API


Content guidelines

While our free website service is perfect for many, it is not always the right fit for everyone. We have certain guidelines in place when it comes to a website's content.

The following types of content is not allowed:

Sexual or adult themes
Drug or violence themes
Tobacco, e-cigarettes, or illegal substances
Content that you do not own the rights to
Marketing (SEO rankings, likes, followers, etc)
Phishing or transmitting viruses
Multi level marketing or get rich quick schemes
Excessive third party spam advertising
Pop up ads
File hosting or sharing
Any content that may be considered illegal
Any content that our team may be questionable


Luxury management service

Through our luxury management service, our team will host, manage, and even update your website for you. Unlimited updates are always included within our luxury management - there are no hourly rates.

To activate your website and fully benefit from the luxury management service, you will be required to join Moov on a monthly membership. The current monthly membership rate is $149 USD per month, which supports the management of up to 15 pages. Any websites with more than 15 pages may see a higher rate.

To process any monthly membership dues, our team will need to gather some information:

Credit card number
Credit card expiration date
Security code
Card holder's name and/or company
Billing address, including zip code

This information will be kept securely and will only be used to process your recurring monthly membership dues. Management of a Moov website is billed on a month to month basis and does not require a minimum commitment.

Promotions and discounts

At times we may run discounted promotions for our luxury management service. All promotions fall under their general rules and policies but may have additional restrictions or terms.

Unlimited Updates / Swaps

Every member can enjoy unlimited updates (we call them swaps) with their membership. There is no monthly limit to how many swaps can be made to a website. Swaps include changes to text and images, creation of new generic pages, deletion of generic pages, and minor changes throughout the website. Swaps do not include major changes to a website's design, navigation layout, structural layout, embedding third party codes, or integrating the website with any of our third party partners.

Making Updates / Swaps

Swaps can be submitted easily by emailing our team at

Swaps must be sent from an authorized email that is on file under the account holder's name and/or business. For security reasons, swap requests will not be honored if being sent from an unauthorized email. If a swap has been accepted, please allow 24-48 hours for that swap to be successfully completed. Turn around times range based on the size and details of each swap. Once the swap has been completed, the member will receive a confirmation email informing them that the swap has been completed and that their website is up to date.

If a swap is submitted on a day Moov Headquarters is closed, the swap will then be placed in queue for acceptance and/or completion on the next business day. 

Our team is allowed and reserves the right to deny any swap they feel may hinder the luxury of our service or cause issues and/or problems in the future, for either the member, other members, or the Moov Labs Team. If a swap cannot be completed, our team will try their best to suggest an alternative. Moov and its services focus on simplicity, so keep in mind that swap requests must meet this important criteria.

Retainer Fee

For our team to begin work on a website design, a one time $50 retainer fee may need to be collected. This retainer fee helps us determine between those who are fully ready to work with us and those who are not. Once the design is completed, the retainer fee will go towards the member's first month of membership, leaving a partial balance for the first month of membership.

Friend Referral / Rewards Program

Inviting your friends to join Moov comes with some great perks! Earn up to $500 per each friend referral that joins Moov on a paying monthly membership.

The following rules and conditions must be followed and met to qualify you for the friend referral bonus, up to $500:

1. Each friend referral of your own must join on a monthly paying membership of $129/month or higher.

2. The $500 friend referral bonus will be issued via Venmo - in 10 separate increments of $50 over a period of 10 months.

3. For each month your friend referral is on an active paying membership, you'll receive $50 in the form of a Venmo funds transfer - for up to 10 months.

4. If your friend referral cancels their monthly membership within the 10 month time period, you will only receive the appropriate bonus for how many months they were an active paying member. For example: 3 months active = $150 referral bonus (three separate $50 increments).

5. Any earned friend referral bonuses will be issued at the end of each month and will be sent via our official Venmo account.

6. The friend referral rewards program may be modified or canceled by Moov at anytime.

7. Additional websites created under the same member's account do not qualify towards friend referral bonuses.


We recommend going through GoDaddy to claim the perfect domain. Through our GoDaddy integration, we can link your Moov website to your domain quickly. Keep in mind, domains must be purchase by the member and are not included with a Moov membership. For our team to link your domain, you must provide your login credentials. Don’t worry, we never save this information.

SEO optimization

Although all our websites are SEO optimized to help strengthen your website's visibility, please note that SEO marketing strategies fall outside of our team's expertise. Given that search engines have complex algorithms and that everyone’s marketing needs are different, we’re unable to provide specific SEO advice to our members.

Content ownership

By creating a website through Moov, you give our team permission to use any and all content you provide. We will never claim ownership of your content you provided during the design phase. In the event of any liability or legal issues regarding your content, you will take full responsibility and ownership of the content that is related to any issues.

Website accessibility

Our team manages your website completely, which means you will not have back end access to edit, modify, or update your website's content. Allowing members to have access would hinder the luxury of our service.

Stock images

You are always welcome to use any images you own for your website.

If you need images, we will gladly supply those for you. Any images provided fall under a Creative Commons Zero license, which means you are free to copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes. Images that require a payment to download are not included with our service and must be purchased and provided by the member.

Design platform and hosting

The designing, editing, coding, and hosting of all Moov Labs websites is done through the platform of our third party partner Squarespace. Personal information, back-end integrations, and content on a member's website is subject to Squarespace’s terms policies.

Easily view Squarespace’s policies below:

• Terms of service
• Privacy policy
• Template license

Third party service providers

Moov uses third-party service providers to provide a great experience for our members. Examples include credit card processing, email service providers, analyzing data, providing customer service. These service providers have access to personal information needed to perform such functions on our behalf and authorized to use your personal information only as necessary to provide these services to us. 

Legal disclaimer

In the event of a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on us, our subsidiaries, affiliates, employees or agents, we may be required by law to disclose member information.

Age and location restriction

To become a Moov Labs member and have an active membership, you must be 18 years of age and based in the United States.

Cancelling your account

We’d hate to see you go, but if you’d like to cancel your membership and website, please contact us at Once canceled, your monthly membership will remain active until the end of your monthly billing cycle. After the monthly billing cycle is over, your website will no longer be live and will be removed from our system.

Before you cancel your membership, we strongly recommend gathering the information from your website and storing it in a safe place. Once a website is removed from our system, we will no longer have access to the information and can not accept responsibility for any of the content deleted.

Transfer of ownership

If you cancel your membership but would like to obtain ownership of the website within your own Squarespace account, you may request a transfer of ownership. There is a transfer of ownership fee of $500 due before the transfer can be issued and completed. Once transferred, you will be able to manage and edit it through the Squarespace platform and we will no longer take responsibility of managing your website.

Failed payments

In the event a membership payment fails and goes unpaid, the website related to the membership account and the account itself will be deleted. Our team will always notify the member about any failed payments but it is the member's responsibility to keep billing information updated and current.

Updating an account's billing information is simple and easy:

• Visit the account updation form

Hours of Moov HQ

Below you will find our hours of operation schedule:

• Open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm PST
• Closed Saturday and Sunday
• Closed during major holidays

Changes to our policies

By becoming a Moov Labs member, you agree to review these policies often and frequently, as we may not notify you of changes. In the event of any changes to our policies, you acknowledge that your Moov Labs membership will fall under any new and updated changes to the policies and that any previous policies will no longer be valid.

Contact our team

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can easily contact our team at or 844-385-MOOV.

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