Friend Referral Rules

The Fine Print

Below you will find the rules and policies for our friend referral program. To take part in the program you must read and agree to these rules and policies.

Friend Referral Program

Receive up to $200 for each friend referral that joins Moov on a paying monthly membership plan of $99 or more.

The $200 friend referral bonus will be issued in 4 separate increments of $50 over a period of 4 months.

The first $50 will be issued at the end of the month your referral completes their first month of paying membership. If your referral cancels their membership during this 4 month period, any future bonuses will be canceled. Any bonuses you previously received are yours to keep.

Friend referrals must mention your name and website during their initial sign-up prior to submitting any type of payment information for their monthly membership plan.

Bonus Payout

For a quick and easy payout experience, all referral bonuses will be sent straight to your bank account.

To receive any referral bonuses, you must create an account with Zelle. The Zelle app and service are free and may even be offered through your current bank as an additional benefit.

For more info, please visit

Tax Document

You will be required by law to complete a 1099 tax document if more than $600 is earned within a full calendar year. You will be responsible for any taxes owed from any referral bonus income earned.

Additional Rules

Additional websites created under the same member's account do not qualify towards the friend referral program.

The friend referral program is currently only available for active Moov members.

The friend referral program can be changed, modified, or canceled at any time.

Say Hello

Questions and comments about the friend referral program can be sent to our friendly team at